UWIPP Spotlight - Madison Mackay

Madison Mackay uses her creativity to venture as a freelance editor with career goals to direct and edit her own material. As one of the founding members of Utah Women in Production and Photography (UWIPP), and creator of the public service announcement (PSA), “Break the Stigma,” she identifies as an advocate for equality and mental health. In her constant efforts to overcome her feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, Madison has come into her own as a film professional working to accomplish her dreams. 


Brynn Knight, Maddie Lytle and edited by Stewart Bounds

Lisa Wiegand, Cinematographer

Lisa Wiegand, self proclaimed “Mother of Dragons” and professional Cinematographer, has worked in film for the past three decades. Her eccentric aesthetic, paired with edgy wit, depth of knowledge and leadership skills, have taken her on gigs all over the world. Her resume represents a broad spectrum of film, ranging from action and sci-fi, to drama and documentaries. Lisa’s work on popular television shows like, “Dollhouse”, “Mayans MC”, “Chicago Fire”, “Chicago Justice” and John Ridley’s “American Crime” are just a handful of the credits that populate her repertoire.


Stewart Bounds

Rumi Ali - Audio Mixer

Rumi Ali is not only an audio mixer but a fiery go-getter with a heart of gold and a never-ending desire to learn and grow. 


McKayla Kreutzkamp

UWIPP Spotlight - Madoc Ormond

Madoc Ormond is a videographer and the Media Director at Asea. As a transgender woman, Madoc has a unique perspective about the differences in how men and women are treated in the production industry.


Abby Shemwell