The Low-Down on Business Cards

The Low-Down on Business Cards

Business cards are one of those things that often get overlooked. One of the most important parts about getting into the industry is knowing how to market yourself. This includes having a business card. Here are some tips and tricks for having a fantastic business card the next time you are networking.

Name and Title

It’s probably obvious but the most important thing to put on a business card is your name and title. When it comes to working in a creative industry, it might seem difficult to pinpoint what your title is. Narrowing down your interests so potential clients know your skill sets is imperative. You shouldn’t be too vague when stating your title. Instead of simply putting “photographer”, mention what type of photography you specialize in. It gives potential clients an idea of what you enjoy and what they should expect. 

Contact Information

When listing your contact information on your business card remember to only include professional email addresses and phone numbers. It’s also important that the info you list leads to a direct connection instead of a shared email box or a phone menu. Consider listing your social media accounts, but limit them to your professional accounts. Listing personal socials could misrepresent you if they don’t directly display your work or brand, so be careful. 

Get Creative

Don’t forget to create a business card that expresses who you are! Use different design elements to highlight your title and skill sets. Adding personal flair to your business card gives the people you hand them to a memorable interaction. Referencing our earlier example for photography, adding a portrait or shot that you’re proud of showing on the back is a great way of displaying your unique abilities.

Great resources to help design your business cards include and Canva

Rose Printing is also a great Salt Lake City local business you can support to print your customized business cards.


Madison Mackay

Madison graduated with a degree in film and currently works as an editor for BW Productions.

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