Women Representation in the Video Production Industry

Women Representation in the Video Production Industry

BW Productions is highly aware of the lack of women in the production and photography industry. To help solve this problem we put together a team to help solve this problem. In order to promote growth we first need to understand, why?


While this field has been prominently dominated by men; this is starting to be a slow rise of more women showing up in the industry. If we look at some recent statistics, women cover 38% of independent films released. This number has increased by 9% in the last two years showing signs for it to continue growing. Although this is good; mens films still are likely to get viewed twice as much; as if it was an independent film from a woman.

One reason the number needs to increase is so that women can have an accurate portral on screen. It would also significantly increase the earnings of the production. Diversity equals money a project that has a lack of diversity can lose up to 80% of its total earnings; when put in contrast to the budget it was given.

There have been many complaints over numerous sources of how women get portrayed on screen. Stories written and told by women will give perspective of how they want to be shown; this is very good for younger generations. More women representation that is shown will shape how future generations will depict those roles. Representation in the fictional world signifies social existence.

The stigma is imbed into so many minds that positions in video production can only be done by men; it has been labeled as a “masculine trade.” The situation is not much different in the photography industry as well. Students who go to school for photography 70-80% of the graduates are female and even though this number is high; only 15% of those female graduates make up the representation of professional photographers. From 1998 to 2019 the percentage of women photographers has only increased by 1%. While also making 40% less than their male counterparts.

Feminism in Hollywood: How Women's Rights Are Changing in 2015 - Variety


A way to fix this would be implementing higher valued positions to women; it’s shown that when women are in higher ranked jobs it creates a ripple effect of more women being hired and put in better positions. By doing this it would be effectively resetting the mark for the bar of societal values.

The solution is to change the ideas that have been set for decades. It wouldn’t be an immediate solution but with time it would solve the issue. It requires familiarizing the workplace with more women so that it becomes natural, and comfortable. Representation is the keyword that is needed and wanted by so many. The lack of women representation is what is keeping the number of women in the industry so low.

The more the percentage of women increases it will eventually grow exponentially. This will also change the standard, and idea of how women will be viewed. The thought of it being a masculine job will eventually fade away. Not only did we discuss why it is important to have women in the industry, but have partially came up with a solution. Now to think that this change will be effective immediately is not the case. This will take place over a great number of years; it is not so simple to change a whole generation’s ideologies that they have known their entire lives.

To find out more on our team for this cause please go to the following article on our website. https://bwproductionsllc.com/women-in-production-and-photography/

Chart: Number of Women in Film Industry Rises Slowly | Statista

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